Vihmapilved Selisoo kohal

September 2013, Ida-Virumaa, Selisoo.


  1. Oddly, the photo is quite opposite to what I have seen. For me, the bog was very lively and coloured, and I was impressed exacty by its liveliness. When I stepped on the bog, it behaved like an enormous weird living creature, I had a feeling that it was even warm. It was like a small Solaris made of peat or I don't know what. And while on the bog I didn't notice the weather until it suddenly started raining! Your photo is like if we saw the same bog in different dimensions :) Or maybe it always happens with the bogs, no two humans could see it alike!

  2. This is just one of the interpretations, trying to differ itself from the usual oversaturated bog pics like I sent you.


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